We LOVE our Green-ness... What WE do to promote Health and Sustainability

Our Products and Production:

We use pure, organic cotton fabric, which is renewable, sustainable, and grown naturally without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. See our Why we LOVE organic cotton page for more information.

We are proud that all our sheet and doona cover sets are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Our Australian handmade pillowslips and bassinet sheets are sewn from GOTS certified organic fabric, so you can rest assured that there are no nasty chemicals used in the growing, processing, dyeing or finishing of any of our products! This is great for the environment, and great for the families and communities involved in making our products. It’s also fantastic for our kids, as being certified by GOTS assures that there are no nasty chemical residues in their bedding!

We use factories that have environmental protection policies, pollution prevention policies and waste management policies in work.

We aim to work with factories that have all areas of operation such as fabric weaving, printing, dyeing and sewing located close together to minimise transport emissions.

We actively avoid or minimise the use of plastics in our products and packaging. All Moonlit Sleep bedding sets are packaged free of plastics in a re-usable cloth bag. Great for storing “treasures” or for packing shoes in whilst travelling! If your order is shipped to you, it will come in a 100% compostable satchel made from biodegradable materials, mainly corn starch and cassava roots. If you’re home composting, please cut the bag up before putting it into your home compost. If these satchels are not composted and end up in landfill, they will take approx 2 years to break down (plastic satchels take around 400 years and release deadly methane gas into the atmosphere). For more information on the satchels we are using, please visit heropackaging.com.au

Your order will come wrapped in recycled Kraft paper and some orders will be tied with either a natural jute twine (jute is a natural fibre and biodegradable) or a coloured hemp twine (hemp is also a natural fibre and biodegradable, and the dye used to colour the hemp is eco friendly and Azo-Free (azo compounds are a group of dyes that are potentially carcinogenic). The twine we use looks great re-used on gifts and for all sorts of crafty projects!

Our business cards and other stationary are made from reycled cardboard. Please recycle, or better still spread the love and pass them on to friends and family! ;-)

We wash test all our products with a cold machine wash and line dry in the sun. We hope you do the same once they are yours!! We LOVE the feeling of clean, sun-dried sheets!

Did you know that cold washing and line drying, rather than warm/hot washing and tumble drying, will help your sheets and clothes last longer…. this is especially true for anything with elastic such as a fitted sheet, as the heat from hot washing and tumble drying will degrade the stretchy elastane fibers in the elastic faster. Cold washing and line drying is also the greener more environmentally friendly option as it uses considerably less power/energy!

We design all our products to be durable and long lasting so they do not end up in landfill or being used as painting drop cloths! We put much effort into ensuring our fabrics last and wear well, and have sourced the strongest, most durable elastic possible for our fitted sheets. We are pleased to say that the elastic in the first samples we made 4 years ago is still going strong! But naturally the elastic in your fitted sheets will lose its stretch and elasticity long before your sheets look old and tired. This is completely normal, and here at Moonlit Sleep we have designed with this in mind!

Our elastic is encased in a tunnel, so it is easy to replace if or when the time comes. If you are not confident to replace the elastic in your own Moonlit Sleep fitted sheet, we do offer an elastic replacement service. Contact us at customerservice@moonlitsleep.com if you are interested. We will require you to freight your fitted sheet/s back to us using a traceable service as Moonlit Sleep can not be held responsible for any sheets that go missing. We will then replace the elastic for you and return the sheet/s to your nominated address. For Australian customers this service is $25 and for New Zealand customers $30, for multiple sheets add an extra $7 per sheet. At this stage we only offer this service to our Australian and New Zealand customers.

Our Office:

Our office is supplied with 100% green power and we use only energy efficient lighting. We utilise natural sunlight rather than electrical lights during the day.

We have water saving devices on our taps.

We open doors and windows to utilise natural breezes, rather than relying on air-con.

In winter we rug up nice and warm to minimise our need for heating.

We aim to run a paper-free office as much as is possible. When we do use paper it’s re-used or recycled.  We re-use any waste paper for lists, notes and many of our daughter’s gorgeous artworks. Once it can no longer be re-used, it is then recycled.

We recycle or reuse our old shipping boxes.

As a company we emulate the same green loving lifestyle that we live at home with our kids!!

Our Freight and Travel:

We use sea freight to transport our products to Australia as it has a much lighter ecological footprint in comparison to air freight. Green Fleet estimates that air freight emits 57 times more carbon emissions than sea freight....So for us, it's sea freight all the way! For more details please see this link: http://www.greenfleet.com.au/Organisations/ReduceEmissions/FreightLogistics

We have joined DHL’s carbon offset program, so all our DHL packages are carbon neutral. We also consolidate our packages and deliveries as much as possible.

We minimise un-necessary travel and transport whenever possible. When using Australia Post, we walk our customer orders to the post office instead of driving….Our youngest one grabs a hat and loves to tag along!

We are working towards being 100% carbon neutral by the year 2020!