How do you ensure the quality of Moonlit Sleep sheets and doona/quilt covers?

We manufacture all our bed linen to high quality standards the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard). For more information on certified organic and the GOTS standard please see our page titled “What is Certified Organic”.

We independently test all our fabrics for colour-fastness to light, colour-fastness to washing and colour-fastness to perspiration. We also check that our fabrics have a good resistance to abrasion, pilling and snagging so they will wear well and look great over time.  These tests are done in an internationally recognized laboratory to international standards to ensure our fabric quality is top notch.

We wash and wear test every design and item to ensure that it withstands general wear and use with ease. Our kids are the first customers of all our products. They are our wear-testers, our toughest critics and thankfully our biggest fans! If they LOVE it, we have produced it knowing that you will LOVE it too.


How do you ensure that only organic cotton is used to make your sheets and quilt/doona covers?

All the cotton used to make Moonlit Sleep bedding is certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). We receive a formal GOTS certificate for every order to confirm that the cotton used is certified organic.

For more information on GOTS, please visit their website

For more information on Why we LOVE our organic cotton please click here.


What dyes are used for Moonlit Sleep sheets and doona/quilt covers?

We only use eco-friendly dyes which are free from toxic chemicals. Our products are free from Formaldehyde, Phthalates and Toxic Heavy Metals. We do not use any toxic or potentially toxic chemicals or dyes such as AZO dyes. All dyes and print colours used for our products are approved under the GOTS standards.


Do you use any Anti-Wrinkle finishes or Flame-Retardant’s on your sheets and quilt/doona covers?

No, we never use anti-wrinkle or flame retardant finishes on any Moonlit Sleep products. These finishes can contain nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. All Moonlit Sleep sheets and doona covers are made from 100% pure organic cotton. Being certified by GOTS is reassurance that our sheets and doona covers are free from potentially toxic chemical nasties.


Where are Moonlit Sleep sheets and doona/quilt covers designed and made?

Moonlit Sleep is designed in Sydney Australia. Our cot and single bed sheets and quilt cover sets are lovingly made in India under fair-trade and safe working conditions. Our pillowslips and bassinet sheets and handmade in Australia.

When you buy our products you can be assured that we never use sweatshops, forced labour or child labour. We are a family owned and run company passionate about making the world a better and safer place. The factories that we are working with provide a safe workplace and even contribute to local charity, such as providing shelter, care, education and food for orphaned and handicapped children.


What about thread count?

Our bedding is made from soft organic cotton with just over a 200 thread count. This however is not an indication of thickness or the weight of our fabric - thread count only tells part of the story!

The thread count is the sum of the warp and weft threads that run horizontally and vertically through the fabric. Some thread counts account for the whole thread, which we believe is the correct and ethical way to state a thread count. However some account for the fibers within the thread (or plies) – so if two plies are twisted together to form the thread and woven together into a 200 thread count fabric, this fabric might be stated as a 400 thread count fabric by some companies! Thread count can be incredibly misleading!

In addition to thread count, the weight or thickness of the threads will also affect the weight or heaviness of the fabric. So if you weave a 200 thread count fabric from a very light/thin thread you will get a thinner/lighter fabric than if you were to weave a 200 thread count fabric from a thicker/heavier thread.

Also contributing to the quality of the fabric, is the actual length of the fibers that make up the yarn or thread. The amount of twist in the yarn, and the actual construction of the fabric itself. All these things affect and contribute to the "quality" of a fabric in addition to the thread count.

We believe our fabric is the perfect weight and thread count. It’s substantial without being too heavy, so it’s great for both summer and winter. It’s durable and wears well over time as well as being luxuriously soft and comfortable to sleep in.

If you would like to have a touch and a feel of our sheet fabric before purchasing our products, please pop us an email at and we will be happy to post you a fabric swatch!

 For more detail on thread count, please see the following articles:


You say your fabric is Sateen…..What does this mean?

Sateen is a type of weave/fabric construction (not to be confused with the synthetic fabric Satin which is a completely different thing).

A sateen weave produces a beautifully soft, smooth and snuggly fabric. When you see high quality bedding for adults it’s often made with a sateen weave. We LOVE the way our sateen weave sheets feel against our skin and wanted our kids to be able to enjoy it too!!


Will Moonlit Sleep Cot sheets fit a Boori Cot?

Yes, our cot sheets are designed to fit larger cots such as the Boori, as well as Standard Australian & UK cots, and US standard cribs.

The size of our cot/crib size fitted sheet is 77cm x 135cm x 20cm. Please check your cot mattress to check our sheets will fit your cot.


How do you suggest we best care for our Moonlit Sleep bedding?

We suggest a cold machine wash with similar colours.

Do not soak, bleach or rub.

We suggest you use a mild detergent. We LOVE ecostore’s laundry detergent – If you are in Australia you can buy it from Woolworths or from their website  

Please line dry if possible (we LOVE the feeling of sun-dried sheets!!), but if not tumble dry on low heat.

For more detail, please see: How to Care for your Moonlit Sleep Sheets.


Will I need to iron my Moonlit Sleep sheets?

It’s completely up to you!

We do not use any toxic anti-wrinkle finishes on any of our products (some anti-wrinkle finishes can contain formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen). So, Moonlit Sleep bedding will come out of the washing machine looking a bit wrinkled. We line dry ours, and some wrinkles will come out then, but some will not. This is very normal for pure organic cotton sheets.

Please note that more wrinkles will come out after the sheets have been slept in and played on, and this is how we roll at our place! But just because we don’t iron ours, doesn’t mean that you can’t - We suggest a warm iron if needed.


How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE within Australia.

Most Australian orders including sheets and quilt cover sets will be sent with Fastway Couriers and require a signature on delivery. If your address is unattended, Fastway will deliver your parcel to their closest local parcel connect agency so you can collect when it suits you (ID will be required). Alternatively you can contact Fastway and arrange to have the parcel re-delivered. If you would like to provide an authority to leave for your parcel, please email us on customer advising where to leave the parcel and we will note this on the parcel. Please note that with all authority to leave parcels, Moonlit Sleep with not be responsible for the parcel once it has been confirmed as delivered by our carrier. If you're ordering pillowslips we usually use Australia Post standard delivery with tracking. 

New Zealand orders are shipped at a $20 flat rate.

For international orders, Moonlit Sleep is not responsible for any duties, tariffs, customs charges or additional charges levied by your country. Please check with Customs Department in your country regarding import restrictions and/or additional fees (if any).

We use Australia Post, Fastway and DHL.

If you've received our shipping confirmation email and your order has not arrived within 7 business days for Australian orders and 14 business days for international orders, please email us immediately and we will do our utmost to assist in locating your parcel. 


How long will my order take to arrive?

Within Australia and NZ, orders will arrive within 2 to 5 business days after dispatch depending on your location. For the USA orders may take up to 10 days depending on your location. If your order is urgent, please pop us an email and we will do all that is possible to get it to you super fast!


My kids have LOVED their Moonlit Sleep sheets for years and the elastic is gone in the fitted sheet but the sheets themselves still look great. What can I do?

Whilst we have sourced a strong and durable elastic for our sheets, it is still quite normal that the elastic in the fitted sheet looses it’s elasticity whilst the sheets themselves still look great. The elastane in elastic naturally breaks down over time, especially if washed in warm/hot water or if it’s tumble dried, so the cotton sheet fabric will almost always out-live the elastic.

We have designed the Moonlit Sleep range with longevity and durability in mind. We have designed the fitted sheet so the elastic is encased in a channel. This way it is easy to replace if and when the time comes.

If you are not confident to replace the elastic in your own Moonlit Sleep fitted sheet, we do offer an elastic replacement service. Contact us at if you are interested. We will require you to freight your fitted sheet/s back to us using a trackable service as Moonlit Sleep can not be held responsible for any sheets that go missing. We will then replace the elastic for you and return the sheet/s to your nominated address. For Australian customers this service is $25 and for New Zealand customers $30, for multiple sheets add an extra $5 per sheet. Please note this service is currently available to our Australian and New Zealand customers only.