Happy Food Revolution Day!!

At around 11pm last night, I had a very interesting experience….My 18 month old woke up and try as I might, I just couldn’t re-settle her! I tried cuddling, patting, singing, a drink of water, no, no she cries!! Finally after 40 frustrating minutes, and amazed that my big one was still asleep, I assumed my little one was in pain…. NO, NO, Wahh, Wahh…. Then finally, she used her words, Sketty, Sketty!! At midnight my baby is crying for spaghetti bolognaise!!

It was her first midnight snack. She insisted I join her, so together we ate bowls of spag bol. Well, she actually ate two toddler sized bowls! What is that? A huge growth spurt perhaps?

Anyway, today is  FOOD REVOLUTION day. It seems only fitting, (given last night’s experience and the fact that I LOVE Jamie Oliver) that I post my “Sketty” recipe today….Now, this is in no way a traditional spag bol. It’s packed FULL of VEGE, up to 10 of them depending on what’s in the fridge…and lots of lovely lentils too!! Meat is optional.... Mine is bubbling away on the stove right now! :)

food-revolution-day-healthy-vege-packed-sketty- sauce


Now this makes a huge batch with lunches for a couple of days and also some for freezing! 

2 medium to large brown onions.

4-8 garlic cloves depending on how much you LOVE garlic.

A sprig of Rosemary.

300 to 500grams of mince meat. I usually do the lower end of this scale.

2 cups of dried lentils. Make sure you soak them overnight in plenty of water and then I rinse before using. I do not use canned lentils as most cans have BPA linings which I like to steer clear of! 

VEGES ...well, a couple are technically FRUITS, but anyway – my favourite combo is:

1 large capsicum

6 medium carrots

4 small to medium zucchini’s

500 grams of mushrooms

1 medium eggplant

1 medium broccoli or capsicum, or both if available!

½ cup frozen peas

½ cup frozen corn kernels

and, of course....Tomatoes! Sometimes when I have a huge quantity growing in the yard, I use fresh diced tomatoes. But, most often I use Passata as it’s just so quick and easy! I like the Woollies organic Passata in 700gm glass jars (no BPA from can linings and also no sugar added). You will need 4 of them to make a huge batch like this!

Step 1 – Dice onions and fry in a small amount of olive oil in the bottom of a huge pot. Chop rosemary and add to pot, Add crushed or finely chopped garlic once the onion softens.

Step 2 - While the onion is softening, cut capsicum into chunks, cut tops of carrots, zucchini and eggplants. If you wash your mushrooms (I do), then now is the time to wash them…

Step 3 – If you are adding meat, add it now and cook until brown. Avoid chunks. I have found that the less chunks in my “sketty”, the more kid friendly!

Step 4 – While the meat is cooking, grate carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant in the food processor (so FAST). My food processor has two sizes for grating and I use the smaller one.

Step 5 – Pour in half the passata and add the grated veges, stir well.

Step 6 – Cut the broccoli into chunks. Take out the grater attachment and put the centre wizzing/chopping/dicing knife thingy in. Put broccoli in and wiz the broccoli into little bits. Cauliflower works great like this too!

Step 7 – Put the wizzed up broccoli/cauliflower and last 2 bottles of passata into the pot. Drain the lentils, add to the pot and stir it all well.

Step 8 – Simmer, Simmer and Simmer some more, until the lentils are soft and delicious.

Step 9 – Whilst it is simmering I usually get the kids to help me pick some thyme and oregano and add that to the pot too….YUMMY!

Step 10 – Boil up your favourite pasta of choice. My little one’s favourite is the little mini spelt pasta’s!

When this recipe is cooked, the texture of the “sketty” sauce is nice and quite even as the vege's have been grated or wizzed up. The biggest bits are the peas and corn, so it’s totally toddler friendly!!

HAPPY FOOD REVOLUTION DAY!! I hope your toddler loves this vege-licous “Sketty” as much as mine!!

xx Karen

BTW, I am not a chef, food nutritionist or anything of the like….This is just my home made “Sketty” recipe that I have developed as a Mummy to get a huge chunk of healthy vege into my children’s meals. My big one is sooooo super fussy and I take great pride in hiding the things she won’t eat in her food. SURPRISE, she just ate 10 vege without realising it!! YEAY, for MUMMY SUCCESS!! :)

P.S, this Sketty sauce is also great with toast…YUM!

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