A dozen FABULOUS reasons to LOVE Organic Cotton

A dozen FABULOUS reasons to LOVE Organic Cotton - Moonlit Sleep

I LOVE my Organic Cotton! I choose it at every opportunity….Here are my TOP twelve reasons why:

1. Organic cotton is grown naturally without any toxic or potentially toxic chemicals, making it a healthy and safe choice.

2. Organic cotton farming is sustainable. It’s gentle and kind on the environment.

3. Organic cotton uses safe, natural methods to control pests and weeds instead of relying on synthetic pesticides. For example, weeds are pulled out by hand and if needed natural pesticides are made from safe ingredients such as chilli, garlic and soap.

4. Cotton crops attract different pests to food crops; so organic farmers can alternate between the two to break the pest cycle naturally. Each time the crops are rotated, the pests lose their food source and either move on, or don’t survive. This means pests never get a chance to develop to problematic numbers. Additionally, crop rotation provides a food source for the farmer’s family. Any excess can be sold at farmers markets giving the local community a food source too.

5. Organic cotton is fertilised naturally with compost and manure rather than synthetic fertilisers. This keeps the soil healthy and full of nutrients. The organic matter in healthy soil retains water better than chemically dependent soil and this places less pressure on water resources.

6. Organic cotton is a much safer alternative for the farmers that grow the cotton. Farmers of conventional cotton are at direct risk of pesticide exposure and poisoning whilst they apply pesticides. If their pesticide-exposed clothes are washed together with the family washing, they can potentially contaminate both the clothes and the water, leaving the whole family exposed.

7. Depending on the wind or breeze, airborne pesticide sprays may miss their target and drift to nearby homes, waterways, food crops, animals and even to children playing outside. This risk is completely eliminated when cotton is grown organically.

8. Organic cotton may take more labor to produce as more people are needed to weed by hand etc, but this creates more jobs and more sustainable income within the local community.

9. Did you know that pests exposed to synthetic pesticides can actually become resistant to them? This can mean that the farmer needs to buy more, or buy different pesticides to control the same pests. This not only increases the damage to the environment, but also reduces the farmer’s profits. An organic farmer does not spend any money on synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, but alternatively will be paying for the weeding to be done by hand which employs more of the local community.

10. When you buy organic cotton that is certified to the GOTS standard or to the Fair-Trade standard, it means that the people involved in growing and producing the cotton have been paid fair and stable wages. This contributes to better livelihoods for workers, their families and communities.

11. When buying organic cotton items certified organic to the GOTS standard, it means your purchase was produced in safe, hygienic working conditions where the workers have been treated with respect and fairness. It means no sweatshop conditions, no forced labor and no child labor.

12. Organic cotton is a non-allergenic natural fiber that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Cotton is naturally absorbent and allows the skin to breathe. It actually helps buffer changes in temperature and humidity, making it comfortable to wear and perfect to sleep in too!

It may seem like a small thing, but each time we choose organic cotton, we do make a real and positive difference in the world. I LOVE my Organic Cotton! x

I would LOVE to hear your top reason for LOVING Organic Cotton! Leave me a comment below to let me know! :)